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What Are Voice-Overs? An Introduction to Voice Acting

What piece of daily media doesn't use voice-overs? Newscasters present their most pressing stories with voice-over by the reporters describing the significance of the scenes being presented; these are interspersed with straight video of the news anchor describing the important segments for which video is not shown. Additionally, voice acting is not limited to only the television and film industries - it is also used extensively for modern video games, amusement rides and GPS voicing in automobiles.
What are voice-overs exactly? Although voice-over techniques can be different from voice actor to voice actor, the overall principle remains the same. The voice-over definition is as follows:
  • The voice of an unseen narrator, or of an onscreen character not seen speaking, in a movie or a television broadcast. 
  • A film or videotape recording narrated by a voice-over (dictionary.com).
As mentioned before, voice acting is everywhere - we encounter products of voice over in numerous aspects of our daily lives, from watching animated films to listening to GPS instructions in a car. It takes tremendous skill to know how to "act" into a microphone within a sound booth. Reading a script fluently, understand tone and inflection, as well as a deep understanding of emotional pitch and breathing techniques are essential to being a successful voice-actor. But how does one break into this cornerstone of the film industry?
One only needs to take voice-acting classes in order to get your foot in the door of this booming and sustaining industry. Only through these specialized classes will you be able to gain the hand-on experience required for employment and master all the required skills for this profession. Make sure that you are diligent when deciding which acting program is right for you to ensure that you receive the best voice instruction. You will have the opportunity to create a voice-acting demo reel that your future employers are able to listen to.
Through voice-over acting classes you will be no longer asking, "What is a voice-over?" but rather, "When is my next performance?"
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