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Costly industries for successful start

In USA, total value of this industry is 17.8 billion USD, and it is expected to gain 9% growth rate in the next 5 years. When starting this industry, you should own a small-scaled company with skilled workers who are qualified to install environmental equipment such as wind turbine, solar panels, green terrace and green roof, etc.

The company serves a wide range of clients from public offices, enterprises to green households. By thoroughly involving in the field, the company's workmanship will be improved in terms of air, soil and water quality management, R & D for project development, etc.Translation - Interpretation. The globalization is booming to make the business connection in every corner of the world. Communication  becomes valuable. According to AnythingResearch.com, in USA, the translation industry obtained 2.7 billion USD, with average growth rate of 22% in 2004.

Because of crowded emigrants, healthcare industry becomes a great client of the translation service. Furthermore, partner relation between overseas enterprises always requires an interpreter. Many other translation services are offered such as website translation, multilingual document translation, etc.
Home healthcare. Ageing population and increase in income per capita are the two combined factors facilitating the increasing development of home healthcare industry. Regarding wealthy countries such as USA and Japan, such demand is increasingly high. They are willing to make a high payment but required nurse must have a professional degree and good command of native language.
Domestic waterway tourism. The roadway is highly polluted and unsafe. The airway is convenient but costly. Therefore, boat-based waterway tourism is the significantly reappeared entertainment trend. At the new start, you can train your customer service staff, hire or recruit the qualified vessel operators to deliver the full-package waterway tours.
Tea and nutrient drinking. In addition to boiled water, the most popular drinking in the world is mineral water, soft drinks, beers, milk, coffee and especially tea.
Because the food safety and hygiene is increasingly concerned, tea becomes the widely-used drinking in the world. Business of fruit juice which contains anti-oxygen agent and vitamin supplement drinks is also very lucrative.
Entertainment toys. Professional and amateur music instruments, child's creative toys, family games, etc always take a remarkable part in the household expenditure in rich and developing countries. When the finance is restricted, luxury tourism trips are delayed, whereas small toys with reasonable price and high education purpose are the favorite items of parents.
Tutor. Establishment of school or tutoring classes is a cut-throat service. However, such service is highly potential. When parents are busy with earning money, they are willing to make a great investment into their children's studying so that they can gain the best mark, enhance the bright future for the next generation. What important is to know how to select an appropriate classroom form, recruit and keep the experienced and excellent teachers. Moreover, when education business is involved, it is necessary to pay attention to fields such as intensive education (special education), tutoring of foreign languages, music, art, sports, living skills, etc.
Bakery. The culinary demand is increasingly high. People not only seek for luxury restaurants to enjoy Chinese dishes but also love the sweet flavor of western cakes. Bakery and cream cake coffee shops are crowded with families and young groups. The bakery owner should find out the unique feature by introducing the local special cakes with a strange taste and season-based flavor, making a creativeness in the cake shapes and color, etc.
Online handicraft sales. The fashionable items are in favor, however eye-catching and inexpensive hand-made clothes and jewelry is becoming the fashion trend of the global market. E-payment is increasingly diversified and convenient. Convenient e-sales websites are available in Vietnam, supported by direct view and post office-based goods delivery as per request of clients.
Safety and quality control. Your customer will be enterprises and manufacturing facilities to be provided with product and material quality control. When the living standard is improved, product quality is put on the top list, especially safety of children-oriented products. What you need is modern labs with qualified staffs who are capable of researching and inspecting as ordered. The Company's prestige is the most important factor in this industry.
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