Voice-overs Service

At the present time, voice over service is used in a wide range of field, particularly in service and PR industry, as this technique helps enterprises to access easier to clients and gain more profit in business. For instance, customers will obviously have a sense of pleasure and comfort if they hear a friendly auto telephone message. Thus, an increasing number of enterprises is choosing this voice over service.
Expertrans Global, with 12 years of experience, has become the No.1 provider in Vietnamese voice over service and gained the trust of hundreds of big brand names such as Samsung, Toyota, Unilevel, Viettel,…

Why enterprises should choose Expertrans Global’s Vietnamese Voice Over Service?
-          Experience in various fields and be able to meet all of your requirements, including advertising, multimedia, telephony and interactive services
-          Clear voice without interference and noise
-          Appropriate and various voice tones and expressions
-          Experienced and skilled editors and speakers
-          Modern and high quality studios and equipment
-          Product recorded in a professional studio and edited to the highest technical quality.
Our Vietnamese Voice Over Service includes:
-          Welcome messages
-          Slideshow presentations
-          Audio books
-          Entertainment programs
-          Soundtrack for websites
-          …

For further information about our Vietnamese voice over service, please kindly contact us immediately and experience the most professional outsourcing services:
-          Mail: sales@expertrans.com
-          Hotlines:
•     Vietnam: +84 926 05 1999
•     Singapore: +65 6715 7049
•     Thailand: +66 600024199
•     US: +1 212 372 7520
•     UK: +44 203 734 7598
•     Australia: +61 385 937 457
•     Japan: +81 345 704 356
•    German: + 49 307 229 0354