Voice-overs Service

Asian Voice-Over Service
Adding professional voice-over can generate a massive impact on the overall quality and effect on your website, videos, CDROM, slideshows or multimedia projects.
At Expertrans Global, we provide you professional Asian voice-over service in which actors/actresses read and record your company’s manifesto, welcome messages, menu/options, slideshow presentations or whatever you need. In order to make the work quality become perfect, we only have the project done in the professional studio and edited to ensure the highest technical quality. 
Expertrans Global can mix the voice recording into any music track that you have licensed from our site, and deliver a complete music/voice mix to you, in CD quality WAV or AIFF files (or mp3, if you prefer).
With more than 12 years of experience, Expertrans Global has the experience and the talents needed to produce high-quality voice products that deliver your message exactly the way you want. Outstanding quality, competitive rate with excellent customer service, that’s how we have been satisfying thousands of clients worldwide.
You may take a look at our specialized  Asian voice-over services website: http://studio.Expertrans.com
At Expertrans Global, we provide voice-over service for Asian languages such as Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thailand, etc.
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